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We are Fort Worth musicians who noticed that Fort Worth was in need of a music store that offered great gear at great prices. A place where a musician of any level could walk in and find a piece of gear that they couldn't live without. How do we do it? WE BUY USED GEAR.

At Music Go Round, we buy used musical instruments all day long. No appointments are necessary. Simply bring in the instruments that you are no longer playing and we will buy it from you for cash on the spot. Or, you can trade in your gear towards something that you can't live without. 

When you think about music instrument stores in Fort Worth, think about the one that is run by musicians and offers what every musician needs...great gear at great prices. Then, grab that unused instrument out from under the bed or the back of the closet and bring it to the store for cash or trade. The more you bring us the easier it is for you to walk out of here with an instrument that you never thought you could afford.

Remember: We buy used gear all day every day.