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Just because Music Go Round is “Your Ultimate Used Gear Resource” doesn’t mean that we can’t help fill your new gear needs.


Here are some of the products and name-brands that we proudly carry:


D’Addario, GHS, Ernie Ball, Dean Markley, Martin, Fender, Gibson,Dunlop, DR Strings, Korg, Planet Waves, EMG, Tribal Planet, On Stage Stands, VicFirth, Pro Mark, Evans, Remo, Gibralter, Hohner, RapcoHorizon and many more!

Cort, Seagull, Norman, Boulder Creek, Crate, Stagg, Art & Lutherie, Schecter, Jay Turser, Taye, Yorkville, Apex, Alto, ART, Sabian, Paiste and many more!